Cowboys roam through an abandoned amusement park in the desert just outside Heidelberg: a leftover Wild West fantasy for gunslingers and recreational bandits. Where androids once lived out fantasies of longing, they now wonder what will remain when they can only talk about humans.
Based on motifs from the film »Westworld« by Michael Crichton (1973) and the television series of the same name (2016), the development of the play examines how science fiction narratives can negotiate possible futures today. And who actually distributes the roles in the Wild West?

»Restworld« is the first work of the Frankfurt duo F. Wiesel at the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg and their second collaboration with the author and journalist Dietmar Dath. In F. Wiesel's works, figure and object theater as well as the use of analog film animation technology form a focal point.

» JU: We have already been here.

HA: We have been here all the time. You argue that the only beings who can be role models for us, because they also program themselves, are humans. So we're supposed to play human in order to figure out where the similarities and the differences lie, and wether there may be something we could really do differently, new. And so on.

LA: No just "and so on". Don't stand like that, stand up and let's go. Where were we? «

Dietmar Dath. RESTWORLD

Play by: Dietmar Dath and F. Wiesel
Direction, concept and stage: Hanke Wilsmann, Jost von Harleßem
Puppeteer: Cali Kühner
Costumes: Naomi Kean
Sound Design: Rupert Jaud
Dramaturgy Michael Letmathe
Theater Pedagogy: Jeremy Heiß
with Sandra Bezler, Leon Maria Spiegelberg, Hendrik Richter, Jost von Harleßem, Cali Kobel

Premiere: 15. Oktober 2021 | Theater und Orchester Heidelberg Zwinger 1
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19 - 21 November 2021 Atelierfrankfurt e.V.
installative version "Welcome to Restworld" at Open Studios

"Instead of focusing on equality - the desirable vision in Dietmar Dath's political worldview - people become murderers. Naomi Kean's costumes quote cowboy dreams. Actors Hendrik Richter and Leon Maria Spiegelberg not only engage in merciless duels. They cleverly shatter the familiar myths of Wild West films. Together with Sandra Bezler, they embody the memory of a past reality: "We are gunslingers. That's the design." In F. Wiesel's multimedia project, the machines take over. Dath and the collective find strong aesthetic images for this process. [...]
F. Wiesel translates Dath's political philosophy into a visual concept that transcends the boundaries of language. [...] The ensemble joyfully engages in the synthesis between acting and technology. "Restworld" shows the limits of progress, at the end of which could be destruction - or a new world in which humans integrate artificial intelligence into new models of society. "

Elisabeth Maier, / 18.10.2021

"[...] Now good news follow from Heidelberg: Dath gave his text, based on Michael Crichton's film and series "Westworld" (1973/2016), into the hands of the resourceful collective F. Wiesel, in which Jost von Harleßem and Hanke Wilsmann design original formats for figure and object theater. In their concept, the combination of acting, video technology, installation, puppetry, media and robotics fit perfectly into Dath's multi-layered text. [...] Between Buffalo Bill, Paintball, Laserdrom and Disneyland, five agile and different protagonists argue, charge, repair and duel. [...] Conclusion: Ninety atmospheric as well as cleverly entertaining minutes of theater, which finally reap great cheers."

 Ralf-Carl Langhals, Mannheimer Morgen, 18.10.2021

A production of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.