In 1666, Europe is going through the so-called Little Ice Age. There is another outbreak of the pest. London is burning. While new forms of government are devised, old ones overthrown and questioned everywhere, Margaret Cavendish becomes the pioneer of Science Fiction literature with her book »The Blazing World«. In a utopian parallel world beyond the North Pole and surrounded by beasts and fantastic technology, she poses the question of female participation in society, science and politics. She looks for answers, creates a matriarchy, subjugates the entire planet in the end and continues to ask: What worlds do we imagine if the one we’re living in is falling apart? 

After »Restworld«, »The Blazing World« is the second work by Frankfurt-based duo F. Wiesel at the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. In their works, F. Wiesel focus on puppet and object theatre as well as the use of analogue special effect techniques.

Stage Adaption by F. Wiesel based on the Novel by Margaret Cavendish
Direction, Text, Stage F.Wiesel (Hanke Wilsmann, Jost von Harleßem)
Collaboration Text Rebecca Faber
Dramaturgy Lene Grösch
Costumes Naomi Kean
Figurenbau F. Wiesel, Sarah Wissner, Naomi Kean, Dmitry Sludyanin
Music Jacob Bussmann
Licht Kristin Rohleder
Regieassistenz Goldie Röll
Tobias Junker
mit: Helga Lázár, Marie Dziomber, Hendrik Richter, Anne Rieckhof, Sarah Wissner

Premiere: 22. September 2023 | Theater und Orchester Heidelberg / Zwinger 1
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